Driven by sustainability and specialisation, we harness innovation to create value for our customers.

Innovation at Synthomer comes in many forms. It could be investigating new technology platforms. Designing new products and improving existing ones. Researching new applications for our formulations. We work across all of these pipelines simultaneously. We call it innovation in action.

We develop many of our innovations by working closely with customers, for example tailoring solutions based on our current technologies to meet new customer needs. Others anticipate consumer and market trends. There’s one thing in common: innovation at Synthomer never stops.

Our innovations are all around you

Here are some examples of our recent innovations.

  • SyNovusTM Plus is our new nitrile product that provides the same high-performance barrier protection as conventional nitrile butadiene latex (NBR) while being recyclable and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • LipolanTM TERRA makes latex foam more sustainable by helping to reduce the carbon footprint associated with making and transporting it.
  • Tidal WaveTM helps keep marine upholstery stain-free.
  • Suncryl® HP 114 is a water-based polymer that contains more than 56% bio-based raw material.

Technology Platform Innovation

To enable more game-changing innovations, we’ve established a new Technology Platform Innovation team focused on investigating new chemistries designed to meet the changing needs of the market. Our approach has three pillars.

1. Sustainability

Supporting Synthomer’s Vision 2030 roadmap through technologies and products that:

  • Are based on more sustainable raw materials, including bio-based materials
  • Have lower environmental impacts when in use
  • Have lower environmental impacts at the end of their lives.
2. Enhanced performance

Expanding and diversifying Synthomer’s portfolio by investigating new monomer and polymer systems that perform better at:

  • Binding, bonding and coating
  • Improving adhesion, repellency, or aesthetics
  • Material and formulation efficiency.
3. Formulation and process efficiency

Developing efficient technical approaches and methodologies that:

  • Make us more efficient
  • Get our products to market quicker
  • Enhance our product knowledge
  • Give us a better return on investment.

Global coverage

Worldwide, we have 16 innovation sites. Our four centres of excellence in the UK, Germany, Malaysia, and the USA provide leading research and development, and capabilities to support product and process innovation across all our divisions.

The other 12 are technical centres and pilot lines located close to our manufacturing sites that respond to market-specific customer needs.

Innovation at the heart of our operations

Each business unit within Coatings & Construction Solutions, Adhesive Solutions and Health & Protection and Performance Materials has its own dedicated innovation team. Our Global Technology and Innovation function oversees our worldwide innovation network, conducts research on new technology platforms and provides centralised support for safety management, material characterisation, process development, intellectual property and regulatory compliance.