Sustainability is at the core of how we work, think, operate and innovate.

Our approach is informed by the issues that matter most to our stakeholders, including customers, employees and investors, and that are most aligned with delivering our business strategy. We see sustainability as a value driver and a principle for how we run our business.

"Sustainability is fundamental to the success of Synthomer’s strategy – it has the capacity to drive value across all our strategic pillars as we transform our business into a speciality chemicals platform."

Chris Brown Vice President, Environment, Social and Governance

To support the delivery of our business strategy we created our Vision 2030 roadmap. Vision 2030 includes a series of sustainability targets to help guide our decisions so we can make the most material impact in this critical decade. It’s about making sustainability central to everything we do – whether that’s designing it into our products at the start of their lifecycle, embedding it into our procurement processes, or and using it to shape our people agenda.

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One of the most important ways in which we can make an impact is by helping our customers meet their own sustainability objectives. By offering sustainable products and processes we can add value for our customers, since more and more end-consumers are demanding higher and more meaningful sustainability standards in the products they choose to buy.

Many of our products already have sustainability benefits built in. For example, more than 80% of our products consist of water-based dispersions, which eliminate the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) associated with solvents. At the same time, our innovation teams are meeting needs for formaldehyde-free, biocide-free or lower-VOC applications, and developing biodegradable, bio-based or industry-compostable products to support a more circular economy.

Sustainability has an essential role to play in helping us deliver our strategy to drive value and growth as we become a speciality chemicals platform. But to realise the opportunities that are available to us, we need to be bold, building on our strengths in areas like raw material selection, innovation, manufacturing and customer relationships, and applying a sustainability lens to everything we do across our whole value chain.

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