Leading the transformation of latex foam sustainability

Key features:

  • Up to 60% reduction in carbon footprint
  • Less cleaning
  • Reduced shrinkage and reduced waste in foam production
  • More efficient to transport

Rising global demand for latex foam is driving higher manufacturing volumes. At the same time, environmental concerns are driving demand for latex with a smaller carbon footprint.

The result is LIPOLAN™ TERRA from Synthomer, our major innovation in latex sustainability. We are leading the transformation of the latex foam manufacturing industry by developing our HSSBR products to reduce the overall environmental impact in the supply chain.

The LIPOLAN™ TERRA RF process generates up to 60% less CO2. Thanks to its high foam stability the latest Terra grade requires up to 90% less downtime for cleaning in Dunlop process, and exhibits less shrinkage during manufacturing, thus reducing material usage. It is also a more efficient product to transport, reducing the logistic’s carbon footprint by up to 5%.

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