Waterborne release coatings for tape and label applications

Key features:

  • Hydrophobic release coatings with superior water resistance
  • Compatible with a wide range of paper and film substrates
  • Excellent solvent resistance.

Synthomer offers a range of aqueous, silicone and silicone-free release systems for the paper tape and labels industry.

Our release systems can be customised and blended to accommodate processing performance needs for high-speed or low-speed release, adhesion, cure rate, resistance to high temperatures and humidity, and printable release surfaces.

These products can be used alongside our wide range of pressure sensitive adhesives, to develop complete tape or label solutions that meet your specific product requirements.

SunCryl EU 127 hydrophobic non-silicone release polymer is suitable for paper substrates, ideal for substrates exposed to humid conditions.
SunCryl HP 114 high performance non-silicone acrylic release polymer is suitable for film and foil substrates providing the opportunity to convert from solvent-based to water-based release coatings.
SunCryl HP 98 hydrophobic non-silicone release polymer is suitable for paper and film substrates providing an excellent balance of properties, utility, and cost efficiency.

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