A great track record in print, feel, comfort and cost-effectiveness

Key Features
  • Huge versatility
  • Trusted solutions
  • Sustainability credentials

In paper, we’re known globally for our water-based range of carboxylated SB and acrylics binders for coating of commercial print, speciality paper and packaging solutions. Our technology complies with the latest environmental and food compliance regulations for sustainable paper production. We also produce saturants for masking tapes, with strong supply security from our pan-European production network.

Depending on the application, carpet needs to excel in particular areas – whether it is aesthetics and VOC levels, antistatic, soundproofing or durability. Our latex grades deliver across the board. We produce environmentally-friendly water-based polymer dispersions, including carboxylated SB as binders for carpet backing and high-solid SB latex for both, gel and non-gel foam. We also create latices for artificial grass in international sports or landscape turf applications.

Whether in mattresses, insoles or sports gloves, quality is something you can feel. We’re known for our outstanding gel foam elastomers, and the world’s only visco-elastic grade, for foam that’s more supportive and durable. We can help you create exactly the elasticity, flexibility and firmness you need, and support your ESG targets with latex foam recycling and manufacturing processes that have a significant impact on carbon footprint reduction.