Premium diol for high-performance polyester, unsaturated polyester and polyurethane resins

Premium diol for high-performance polyester, unsaturated polyester and polyurethane resins

Synthomer’s SYNOXOLTM BEPD (butyl ethyl propanediol) is a high performance aliphatic diol, with primary OH groups, for the synthesis of saturated and unsaturated polyesters. It is also used in the formulation of polyester polyols, or as a chain extender as part of polyurethane resins.

Polyester Coil Coatings

Polyester Powder Coatings

UPR Gelcoats & Composites

Polyurethane Applications

Increased hardness

Improved bloom resistance down to 140-160°C cure temp

Reduced viscosity

Higher hydrolysis resistance

Lower VOC & Styrene content

Improved abrasion resistance

Improved flexibility

Reduced gel time

Lower water absorption

Improved water resistance

Higher UV resistance

Higher UV resistance

Higher flexural strength

Higher transparency

Increased spreading rate (m²/Lt)

Increased reactivity

Lower shrinkage upon cure

Lower MFFT

Improved cost/m²

Reduced energy cost

Improved UV resistance

Higher gloss

Powder coatings

Prevents production stoppages and extra labour costs associated with blooming of polyester resins during cure, at formulation loadings small enough not to require new polymer regulatory notification. Delivers up to three times productivity increase for powder coatings application lines that utilise pyrimid cured polyester resins, meeting superdurable performance as per GSB and Qualicoat Class 2.

Coil coatings

Minimises mechanical damage risks during production and installation of pre-painted metals that comply with RUV4 outdoor durability, as per EN 13523-10 and EN 10169. Helps to formulate high solids, low VOC polyester resins and coatings for outdoor applications, and delivers polyester resins that lead to coating formulations with increased spreading rate (m2/Lt), which translate to cheaper cost/m2 coil coating price.


Reduces occupational hazard risks associated with handling styrene, by delivering unsaturated polyester formulations that don’t require high levels of styrene co-polymer utilisation. Minimises mechanical damage risk of the gelcoat layer during handling and de-moulding of high-performance composites for demanding applications; and improves the aesthetics and long term durability of composites by incorporation into unsaturated polyester resins used in gelcoat applications.


Helps to formulate polyester polyol based adhesive resins with high tack and instant adhesion properties for outdoor applications; delivers polyols and polyurethane resins that give hydrophobicity, flexibility and abrasion and stain resistance to textile garments; optimises rigidity of TPUs whilst also ensuring high transparency and gloss where needed; and contributes to chemical resistance, high flow, high gloss, flexibility, abrasion and chip resistance of water-based polyurethane dispersions used in wood and automotive coatings, delivering environmentally friendly high performance coatings.

BEPD 70L is a mixture of 2-Butyl-2-Ethyl-1,3-Propanediol (BEPD), Neopentyl Glycol and water
Clear and colourless liquid at room temperature
Diol containing primary hydroxyl groups

CAS number: 115-84-4, 126-30-7, 7732-18-5
EC (EINECS) number: 204-111-7, 204-781-0, 231-791-2 
HS number: 3824 99
White crystalline solid
Diol containing primary hydroxyl groups
The product is FDA approved

CAS number: 115-84-4
EC (EINECS) number: 204-111-7
HS number: 2905 39

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