High quality care solutions

Key Features
  • Diverse uses
  • Proven performance
  • Global availability and technical support

Our acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR latex) is used to make speciality gloves for medical, clean-room, food handling and chemical lab work to the highest specification. We have dedicated latices for unlined, lined and fabric-supported glove makers, with high flock adhesion, efficient fibre coating and low latex permeation, to enhance industrial worker safety.

We also produce a range of trusted ingredients for personal care, such as rosin resins for depilatories, makeup, and hair-grooming products, and hydrocarbon derivatives which are used as adhesion promoters and film formers. We source our gum rosin from live pine trees with a special carbon-negative harvesting and distillation technique.

Our experts are dedicated to continuous improvement, innovation and sustainability, and offer strong technical support across the product range. We’re ready to help you deliver the low impact, high quality solutions of the future.