Synthetic latices for gloves with outstanding safety performance

Key features:
  • Unsurpassed chemical resistance
  • Excellent mechanical resistance to abrasion and puncture
  • Efficient fibre coating and low latex permeation
  • High flock adhesion.

Synthomer NBR latex for industrial and fabric-supported gloves is in a class of its own. Our NBR latex is used by the world’s most trusted industrial glove brands because of the excellent level of safety it provides, including chemical resistance and resistance to abrasion and puncture.

Our NBR latex is versatile and can be optimised for high flock adhesion, efficient fibre coating and low latex permeation, to produce an excellent grade of unlined, lined and fabric-supported gloves. Our goal is to provide maximum protection with enhanced process efficiency.

We supply a range of aqueous, colloidal dispersions of carboxylated butadiene-acrylonitrile copolymer with various acrylonitrile levels, containing an emulsifier system and stabilised with an antioxidant.

LIPREN™ TCRLIPREN T is an aqueous, colloidal dispersion of a polymer of 2-chlorobutadiene (1,3). Its vulcanizates have a slight to medium crystallization tendency and undergo little discolouration when exposed to light. LIPREN T is mainly used in the production of dipped goods.
LIPREN™ X1112CRLIPREN X1112 is an aqueous, colloidal dispersion of polymerised 2-chlorobutadiene (1,3). Vulcanised LIPREN X1112 has very little tendency to crystallize. LIPREN X1112 is mainly used in the production of dipped goods, but also for the production of flame retardant foams. It is either foamed or used to impregnate PU foams.
SYNTHOMER™ XVT-LANBRSYNTHOMER XVT-LA is an aqueous, colloidal dispersion of a carboxylated butadiene-acrylonitrile copolymer with a medium acrylonitrile level. The dispersion contains an emulsifier system and is stabilized with an antioxidant.

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