The best-in-class binders for anti-corrosion metal coatings

Key features:
  • Create APEO-free and formaldehyde-free formulations
  • Free of plasticisers and coalescents
  • Advanced surfactants ensure excellent wetting and adhesion on metal substrates
  • Outstanding hydrophobicity
  • Superior salt spray resistance
  • High-gloss enamel.

Well-protected metals have an extended lifespan which saves money and reduces environmental impact. Synthomer technologies help you to create anti-corrosion products that provide long-lasting metal protection, maintaining aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Our extensive range of water-based and solvent-borne resins provides specific protective attributes, including resistance to alkali (salt), corrosion, fire (intumescence), efflorescence and chemicals, as well as thermal insulation.

Synthomer binders enable you to boost the environmental credentials of your products with options including low-VOC, and non-hazardous substances such as APEO and formaldehyde-free solutions. And our binders will help you to achieve anti-corrosion performance according to EN 12944-2 C 3-C 4, medium protection level (five to 15 years).

Our technologies can be applied at ambient or slightly forced temperatures; as direct-to-metal all-in-one coating, or as a primer application.  They are ideal for use on steel frame constructions such as power pylons, marine engineering, and ACE applications (agriculture, construction, and earth-moving equipment).

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