Optimise well cementing system performance in the most challenging operations

Key features:
  • Ideal for wells with high gas productivity
  • High temperature and extended reach trajectories
  • Meets critical environmentally-sensitive isolation requirements.

Synthomer’s advanced liquid and dry cementing products have earned a leading reputation over two decades of delivering critical cement slurry and set cement properties. Our portfolio focuses on enhancing isolation over a well’s life by enabling slurry consistency, mitigating short-term gas migration, and optimising set cement mechanical properties.

The styrene butadiene-based latex chemistry of our VERILOK product line provides gas migration control, fluid loss control, improved mechanical properties and improved bonding for well cements.

We offer a number of grades appropriate for use in a temperature range from 15°C to 260°C (60°F to 500°F) which stay stable in contact with fresh water or salt-saturated fluids. Soft deformable particles coat the interstitial phase of the cement, reduce the permeability of the cement matrix, and seal permeable paths, preventing the loss of filtrate from the cement slurry.

Advantages of VERILOKTM-optimised cement systems include multifunctional gas prevention properties, interface bonding with casing/formation, improved cement to casing and formation bond, improved mechanical properties, reduced Young’s modulus, increased tensile strength, reduced shrinkage, low fluid loss while sustaining low viscosity, and improved resistance to chemical attack.

The nitrile butadiene or styrene butadiene copolymer-based powder chemistry of our VERIFLEX product line provides improved chemical resistance and improved mechanical properties for well cements.

We supply grades appropriate for use in a temperature range from 15°C to 260°C (60°F to 500°F). When compared to conventional systems, optimised cement systems made with VERIFLEX soft deformable powders enable a lower Young’s modulus, which in turn absorbs cement sheath stresses without cracking.

This reduces the risk of sustained casing pressure (SCP) (also known as annular pressure build up), set cement failure in the casing annulus or inside casing, collapsed casing, tensile cracks, cement debonding, and costly remedial cementing jobs. Optimised VERIFLEXTM cement systems deliver a high strength-to-density ratio, improved long-term zonal isolation, and improved chemical resistance.

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