The range to build a perfect running track

Key features:
  • Non-solvent-based latex for sports surfaces
  • Good balance of strength and resilience
  • Easy clean-up and dilution with water
  • Stability helps prevent clogging/fouling of application equipment.

Synthomer binders are used in the construction of sports surfaces and rubberised running tracks. Our range of water-based binders, carboxylated styrene butadiene and acrylic latex emulsion products have been used for more than 20 years in the creation of running tracks around the world, as well as walking paths and standing platforms.

Rubberised tracks made with latex binders provide outstanding performance and durability. Latex systems can be installed in a single layer or multiple layers, to create a permeable, resilient surface. Our materials are solvent-free, provide a running surface that is more protective than many other materials, and can be pigmented to give a wide range of colour options.

The range includes tack coat, main binder and topcoat, which when used together deliver an unrivalled combination of high-quality characteristics to the end product.


LIPATON GF 3088 is a latex for use as the primer or tack coating in the construction of rubberized running track and sports surfaces.


LIPATON GF 3966 is an adhesive binder used in the construction of rubberized running tracks and sports surfaces.

PLEXTOL D 471 NA is an acrylic binder used as the top coat on rubberized running tracks and sports surfaces.

PLEXTOL D 471 NA can also be used in the modification of cement and concrete admixtures.

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