Our five global divisions

Our business is built around five divisions, covering a diverse and comprehensive range of products and markets. Our global breadth and reach is growing – with increasingly balanced sales across three continents and a focus on execution, efficiency, and business excellence.

Adhesive Technologies

After acquiring Eastman’s Adhesive Resins in 2022 – the largest acquisition in our history – we created the new Adhesive Technologies division. This is increasing our global reach, particularly our USA footprint, and has strong synergies with our existing adhesives markets, as well as introducing new chemistries and markets to our portfolio. It’s a great example of our growth strategy in action.

Performance Elastomers

We’ve a strong track record of innovation in our Performance Elastomers division, driven by consumers’ increasing demand for products with reduced environmental impact. We make water-based nitrile butadiene latex (NBR) and styrene butadiene latex (SBR) products for a range of markets, such as health & protection; carpet, compounds & foam; and paper & packaging.

Functional Solutions

Our products are typically water-based emulsions that allow customers and supply chains to remove or reduce the use of solvents, which contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This contributes to energy savings for our customers, reduces the use of materials of concern and can have a positive impact on recyclability. We deliver acrylic and vinylic water-based dispersions across markets that include coatings, construction, fibre bonding, adhesives and energy solutions.

Industrial Specialities

Our Industrial Specialities division comprises seven niche businesses that offer highly specialised products. These innovative businesses serve a broad range of end markets in coating, adhesive, automotive and polymer additives, delivering speciality chemical additives and non-water-based chemistry for a broad range of applications.

We’re also assessing a number of sustainability initiatives, including developing a pilot site for water metering at our Speciality Vinyl Polymers plant in Harlow (UK), and reviewing options for improved technology to help reduce waste at our Speciality Additives plant in Ghent, Belgium. In addition, there are a number of active R&D projects across the division with sustainability as a core driver.

Acrylate Monomers

Operating from our production plant at Sokolov (Czech Republic), we manufacture and supply monomer products to our Functional Solutions division, as well supplying the European Acrylates market. Our acrylate monomers improve the performance characteristics of polymer formulations, including latex and solution copolymers and crosslinkable polymer systems.