Enhance drilling fluid performance in the most challenging operations

Key features:
  • High temperature, deepwater, extended reach, and high efficiency applications
  • Customised solutions for service providers in a wide range of drilling conditions
  • Proven for high temperature, high pressure, complex wells
  • Maintain and enhance wellbore stability.

The styrene acrylic-based chemistry of our PEXOTROLTM product line provides fluid loss control in oil-based drilling fluid systems. These products are based on small particles that swell and soften under temperature and pressure. We supply grades appropriate for a wide range of base fluids and temperatures; the soft deformable particles plug microfractures and seal the filter cake on the wellbore, preventing the loss of filtrate into the formation.

The PEXOTROLTM range provides tight fluid loss control at low concentrations. It has been shown, in lab testing and in the field, to not damage the formation, and contributes to low shear viscosity (even at high temperatures), reinforcing the suspension properties of the fluid. Products are safe for marine life when used as intended.

The styrene butadiene-based chemistry of our PEXOSEALTM product line provides fluid loss control and wellbore stability for water-based drilling fluids. Its unique chemistry performs strongly in both fresh and salt-water fluids, and at high application temperatures, and has a high tolerance to salts and multivalent ions.

PEXOSEAL plugs pores in the filter cake, providing fluid loss control, and seals microfractures in the formation to improve overall wellbore stability, resulting in reduced non-productive time.

Synthomer’s PEXOVISTM polymeric viscosifier for oil- and synthetic-based drilling fluids offers an engineered rheological profile. This provides low equivalent circulating densities (ECDs) at low concentrations with greater suspension properties and excellent hole cleaning. Its fragile gel structure minimises ECD spikes, and is suitable for use in drilling fluids at bottomhole temperatures up to 260°C (500°F).

PEXOVISTM increases low-shear-rate viscosities (LSRV) and gel strengths for improved hole cleaning in deviated wells, with a solids-free viscosifier that can replace organoclays in clay-free systems. It is readily activated and chemically stable, and can be used with our PEXOTROLTM organosoluble polymers to provide effective fluid loss control.

Our PEXOLUBETM product line of additives provides superior lubrication in water-based drilling fluids.  It performs in a wide salinity range, from fresh/sea water to brine-based drilling fluids. The lubrication performance has proven effective in several unconventional basins driven by efficiency and reducing the time to drill.

The PEXOLUBETM range efficiently reduces coefficient of criction (CoF), improves well rate of penetration (ROP), and includes a low-pour point option, and a bio-based solution.

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