Robust and reliable impregnation binders for external insulation and finish systems

Key Features
  • Good mechanical fixation at knot points
  • Protection against alkaline attack
  • Fast curing and high coat line speed
  • Excellent tack control
  • Customised touch properties
  • ETAG 004 compliant.

In modern external insulation and finish systems (EIFS), glass mesh fabric is one of the key materials. Synthomer is the market leader for EIFS mesh fabric binders, and we supply a wide range of products for open mesh impregnation.

From soft to stiff touch and anything in between, our products can be customised to provide the desired feel to the finished glass fibre fabric. In addition, our products support compliance with the ETAG 004 standard for use in certified EIFS.

Our patented LITEX™ Shield XSBR technology platform supports builders by improving products such as glass fibre and roofing felt, in mechanical stability, chemical resistance and waterproofing properties.

LITEX™ Shield is free from formaldehyde and has low volatile organic compound (VOC) content. Fast drying, it helps increase productivity and reduce energy consumption. And by helping people to insulate buildings better, it contributes to lower energy consumption and a reduced carbon footprint for consumers too.

EMULTEX™ 4300VAEMULTEX 4300 is a compounded, polyvinyl alcohol stabilised, vinyl acetate dibutyl maleate copolymer dispersion.
LITEX™ ALKASHIELD 1543XSBRLITEX ALKASHIELDTM 1543 is an aqueous, anionic dispersion of a carboxylated self-crosslinking butadiene styrene copolymer containing a non-staining antioxidant.
LITEX™ F 68W20XSBRLITEX™ F 68W20 is an aqueous dispersion of a carboxylated styrene-butadiene copolymer. The dispersion was specially designed for the impregnation of nonwoven and also for the finishing of woven fabrics. LITEX™ F 68W20 gives the finished article a hard handle. LITEX™ F 68W20 is totally compatible with other products from the LITEX™ range in order to achieve the desired handle. LITEX™ F 68W20 contains an antioxidant.
LITEX™ QUICKSHIELD 1545XSBRLITEX QuickShield 1545 is an aqueous emulsion of a formaldehyde free, self-crosslinking copolymer of butadiene and styrene.
LITEX™ S 9076XSBRLITEX™ S 9076 is an aqueous, anionic dispersion of a self-crosslinking butadiene styrene copolymer containing a non-staining antioxidant.

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