Binding the world together

We produce high-performance, highly specialised chemical products and solutions that bind the modern world together through the broadest range of everyday applications.

Working with over 6000 customers, we help bring thousands of products to life – from adhesives to coatings, construction, and speciality healthcare applications.

Our chemistry is all around you. On your walls, under your feet, even wrapped around your lunch. It’s in the hygiene products that protect us and the infrastructure that supports our economy.

Innovation and sustainability inside

We’re here to create innovative, sustainable solutions that benefit customers and society. It’s this purpose that’s helping us to grow, by turning ambitious ideas and technology into material reality every day, we’re growing fast.

Through our specialised emission-reducing formulations, we’re not only helping to meet essential consumer needs. We’re delivering solutions that are better for the planet too.

As the demand for more sustainable products grows stronger, so does our drive to be more agile, ingenious and forward-looking. It’s what we call sustainable innovation.

An evolving company

Our roots stretch back to 1863, but we’ve never stopped evolving. In that time, we’ve transformed from a diversified chemical company to specialised polymer solutions provider, underpinned by our sustainability vision.

We’re FTSE250 listed and have been in the FTSE4Good index for 10 years. We have been recognised with the London Stock Exchange Green Economy mark in 2021 and 2022, awarded to companies who earn more than 50% of their revenues from products and services that contribute to environmental objectives. Today our market capitalisation is £1 billion. In 2021, our revenues were £2.3 billion and EBITDA £522.2 million.

We’re proud to employ more than 5,000 people working across Europe, North America and Asia from more than 40 manufacturing sites and four Centres of Excellence.

At a glance

We’re a world-leading supplier of high-performance, highly specialised chemicals that are applied across key industries such as coatings, construction, adhesives, and healthcare.

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Our Strategy

Our strategy is to drive long-term sustainable growth organically and through acquisitions.

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Our Divisions

Our business is built around three divisions, covering a diverse and comprehensive range of products and markets.

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Business Model

Innovation, sustainability and customer service are at the heart of our business model.

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