Formulation-friendly polymers and concentrates that protect, seal and maintain

Key features:
  • Advanced polymer resin solutions for horizontal surfaces
  • Performance additives, clear concrete sealers, floor coatings and floor care polymers
  • Aids levelling, gloss and ingredient compatibility
  • Provides water resistance, flexible strength and durability.

Our portfolio of floor care products includes additives for sealers and polishes. These create tough, durable films which resist frequent use and high-speed burnishing, and can reduce maintenance costs by increasing the timeframe between applications.

We supply cost-effective floor polish concentrates for general purpose low-maintenance programmes and speciality-look applications. These are designed for a variety of maintenance needs, from low speed buffing to mop-on restorers, spray-buff, and removable sealers.

These products also provide a wide range of other performance features for floor finishes, including high gloss, water resistance and faster drying. Our portfolio also includes products for high-traffic applications, such as schools, hospitals, conference exhibit halls, and retail spaces.

And when greater performance is needed, the PLIOTECTM family of products provides water resistance, flexible strength and durability through various chemistries including self-crosslinking all-acrylics.

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