Formulation-friendly polymers and concentrates that protect, seal and maintain

Key features:
  • Advanced polymer resin solutions for horizontal surfaces
  • Performance additives, clear concrete sealers, floor coatings and floor care polymers
  • Aids levelling, gloss and ingredient compatibility
  • Provides water resistance, flexible strength and durability.

Our portfolio of floor care products includes additives for sealers and polishes. These create tough, durable films which resist frequent use and high-speed burnishing, and can reduce maintenance costs by increasing the timeframe between applications.

We supply cost-effective floor polish concentrates for general purpose low-maintenance programmes and speciality-look applications. These are designed for a variety of maintenance needs, from low speed buffing to mop-on restorers, spray-buff, and removable sealers.

These products also provide a wide range of other performance features for floor finishes, including high gloss, water resistance and faster drying. Our portfolio also includes products for high-traffic applications, such as schools, hospitals, conference exhibit halls, and retail spaces.

And when greater performance is needed, the PLIOTECTM family of products provides water resistance, flexible strength and durability through various chemistries including self-crosslinking all-acrylics.


Floor finish, water-based styrene acrylic, polymer emulsion for high traffic applications, such as schools, hospitals and retail.

Mor-Glo 2E very hard and durable zinc crosslinked polymer provides premium performance in high traffic floor areas. It features excellent black heel mark (BHMR), scuff and dirt resistance.


Floor finish, water-based styrene acrylic, polymer emulsion for industrial, residential and general purpose polishes with good wear resistance.

Mor-Glo 877E general use polymer is frequently recommended for low maintenance floor finishes. It can be used as sole polymer or blended with others.


Floor finish, water-based styrene acrylic, polymer emulsion designed to provide long-term durability and multi-substrate adhesion.

Mor-Glo 878 allows for polishes for multi-substrate adhesion with added ease of stripping and excellent abrasion and wet scrub resistance.


Zinc-free Twin-LinkedTM, water-based styrene acrylic, polymer emulsion for low or high maintenance floor polish formulations.

Mor-Glo Ultra G zinc-free polymer delivers the durability and performance of premium zinc-containing finishes. It is crosslinked using SYNTHOMER Solutions' Twin-LinkedTM technology to deliver premium durability and performance.


Mor-Shine E is a dry-bright polish concentrate with excellent gloss retention, as well as mar and scratch resistance.

Mor-Shine E is used for general purpose finishes that respond to low and high maintenance schedules.


Pliotec CR78 self-crosslinking styrene acrylic latex provides excellent chemical resistance, and superior hot-tire pick-up resistance, suitable for low VOC garage floor paints.

Water-based styrene acrylic resin for garage floor paints and institutional wall coverings.


Pliotec PA05 pure acrylic latex with high Tg provides excellent resistance to water, UV and chemicals, very good adhesion to concrete, and hot-tire pick-up resistance.

Water-based resin for high performance coatings, concrete sealers and interior/exterior floor paints.


Pliotec PA90MT is pure acrylic copolymer that provides excellent water and blush resistance, very good weathering and UV resistance, and low coalescing demand.

Pliotec PA90MT is designed for formulation of water-based high performance coatings, concrete stains, and for vertical or horizontal architectural paints.


Self-crosslinking all-acrylic latex, imparting excellent blush resistance and adhesion to multiple substrates including concrete and tile. It forms a durable film with good hot tire pick-up resistance.

Pliotec SC203 is recommended for clear concrete sealers and floor coatings. It can be formulated into <50 g/L VOC coatings.

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