We deliver sustainable polymer solutions that the world needs, in a sustainable, profitable way.

We’re on a strategic journey to become a truly global specialised chemical company driven by attractive end markets. Our new strategy focuses Synthomer on becoming a speciality solutions platform for Coatings and Construction, Adhesives and Health and Protection market segments.

Key elements of the Synthomer investment case...

  • Leading positions in niche markets with attractive growth prospects supported by structural megatrends
  • Growth focus on Construction, Coatings and Adhesives enhanced by end-market orientation and innovation
  • Substantial upside in Health and Protection led by market recovery and operational excellence
  • Simplify portfolio and deliver on synergies
  • Clear plan for significant EBITDA margin improvement
  • Sustainability as a value driver underpinning everything we do.

...supported by clear financial targets

  • Organic revenue growth: mid-single-digit across the cycle
  • EBITDA margins: 15%+
  • Return on Invested Capital: mid-teens
  • Focused on deleveraging actions.

Our strategy

We will drive value and growth through the five core pillars of our strategy, underpinned by the tenets of end-market orientation, sustainability and innovation, and supported by the foundations of strong geographic presence, simplicity and robust financial performance.

  • Organic growth in attractive end markets
  • Rigorous and consistent portfolio management to build focused, leading positions
  • Operational and commercial excellence in how we run our business
  • Differentiated steering in how we allocate capital and talent
  • Diversity, equity & inclusion and holistic people development.

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What we do

Our business is built around three divisions, covering a diverse range of products and markets.

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Our business model

Innovation, sustainability and customer service are at the heart of our business model, which draws on our unique teams and assets to deliver high-performance speciality chemical products and create value for all our stakeholders.

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Our business in numbers

£2.4bn continuing revenue

2020: £2.1bn



£249.2m continuing EBITDA

2021: £498.0m