Our wide range of polymer binders for technical fibre applications

Key features:
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Superior mechanical stability
  • Formaldehyde free.

Synthomer manufactures a wide range of environmentally friendly polymer binders. These feature excellent chemical and water resistance and blocking resistance, making them ideal for various technical fibre applications, from automotive gaskets to household glass fibre wallcoverings.

The REVACRYLTM Design range is our latest innovation in glass fibre wallcovering, featuring low emission and a formaldehyde-free cross-linking system. Supporting improved indoor air quality, it’s the environmentally friendly alternative to conventional binder products.

This technology also enables your products to be compliant with Oeko-Tex Class 1 requirements, the recognised benchmark in the sector.

ACRALEN™ SNX 7675OTHACRALEN SNX 7675 ia an aqueous emulsion of a self-crosslinking styrene-butadiene-acrylonitrile copolymer.
LITEX™ N 7012NNBRLitex N 7012N is an aqueous, anionic dispersion of a carboxylated styrene butadiene acrylonitrile copolymer containing a non-staining antioxidant.
LITEX™ NX 1200NBRLITEX NX 1200 is an aqueous, plasticizer-free and formaldehyde reduced dispersion of a butadiene-acrylonitrile copolymer that can be crosslinked by heat. LITEX NX 1200 contains an anionic-nonionic emulsifier system and is stabilized with an antioxidant.
LITEX™ S 9076XSBRLITEX™ S 9076 is an aqueous, anionic dispersion of a self-crosslinking butadiene styrene copolymer containing a non-staining antioxidant.
PLEXTOL™ M 630PAPLEXTOL M 630 is an aqueous emulsion of a thermoplastic acrylic polymer.

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