Versatile liquid polybutadienes with a wide range of industrial applications

Synthomer’s LITHENE™ liquid polybutadiene products impart many valuable properties when incorporated into end formulations, and contribute to exceptional performance in a wide range of applications.

Their excellent compatibility with hydrocarbon solvents and reactivity with many vulcanised rubbers makes them extremely versatile in a variety of ambient, UV and heat-curable applications. Maleic anhydride grafting increases polarity to enhance adhesion direct to metals and additionally allows the liquid polybutadienes to react with amines and polyols.

LITHENETM products are 100% active liquid polybutadienes, available in a range of molecular weights and micro-structures. They are unsaturated and reactive viscous liquids, with excellent low-temperature flexibility, high electrical resistance and are very hydrophobic.

Popular uses for LITHENETM include:


Lithene ultra N4-9000 is a viscous, narrow molecular weight liquid polybutadiene with a low content of 1,2 vinyl micro structure. It is extremely low in both odour and volatiles and can be used as a polyurethane additive to improve abrasion resistance.




Polyurethane additive for abrasion resistance

Automotive sound damping sealants & adhesives

Dry sand binder


Lithene ultra N4-9000 is despatched from our UK production plant.

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