Advanced dispersions for pre-impregnated and overlay paper, LPL- and HPL-deco paper

Key features:
  • Superior wetting and good printability
  • Good line runnability
  • UV resistance and light-fastness
  • Good opacity and good wet strength
  • Clear film with minimum impact on colour shade/tone
  • Optimum cross-linking between dispersion binder and resin
  • Low formaldehyde and low VOC solutions.

Our pure acrylic and styrene acrylic dispersions are designed to meet the toughest requirements in modern furniture design and surface finishing applications. They provide outstanding performance in edge banding, and top surfaces for raw paper impregnation and pre-impregnated paper.

Because they exhibit excellent compatibility with common resins and starches, they enable you to create a versatile range of efficient and cost-effective recipes. Synthomer‘s recent innovations include products that deliver the same high performance while meeting the growing demand for low formaldehyde and low volatile organic compound (VOC) solutions.

Our latest innovative range of products is the REVACRYLTM Design platform. Developed with low emission for better indoor air quality, this unique formaldehyde-free cross-linking system enables you to lower production processing temperature and/or increase production output, so you can reduce your carbon footprint, increase productivity and optimise production cost.

PLEXTOL™ BV 411PAPLEXTOL BV 411 is an aqueous emulsion of a self-crosslinking acrylic polymer.
PLEXTOL™ DV 544PAPLEXTOL DV 544 is an aqueous emulsion of a crosslinkable acrylic polymer.
REVACRYL™ DESIGN 1690SAREVACRYL Design 1690 is a finely dispersed, aqueous dispersion of an acrylic ester-styrene copolymer. The dispersion contains an anionic emulsifier system and is free from film forming aids, solvents and plasticizers.

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