Versatile and efficient acrylic copolymers for filament yarn sizing

Key features:
  • Efficient bonding of yarn filaments
  • Less end breakage during slashing
  • Greater weaving efficiency
  • Ease of desizing (scouring)
  • Fewer fabric defects.

Synthomer is the market leader in filament yarn sizing. Our products include polyacrylic acid homopolymers of various molecular weights, acrylate ester copolymers, vinyl copolymers, and polyester resins for nylon, polyester and acetate filament yarns.

Our polymers protect the yarn bundle through the harsh mechanical actions of slashing and weaving. As a result, loom speeds can be increased along with weaving efficiency to ensure high production output and minimised product defects for our customers.

SYNTHESIZE™ TFMOTHSynthesize TFM is a stable aqueous dispersion of a high molecular weight linear polyester resin for use as a textile warp size, to size filament polyester yarns or to act as a binder with starch and PVA to size polyester/cotton blends

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