High-performance binders to meet your speciality paper requirements

Key features:
  • Excellent binder stability and optimal coater runnability
  • Improved production efficiency
  • Wide product portfolio for all your paper coating application needs
  • Meet the highest environmental standards
  • Customised solutions to meet specific requirements of speciality paper technologies.

Synthomer is a leading manufacturer of synthetic binders for speciality paper coating applications. Our extensive portfolio of binders meets the toughest challenges, right across the spectrum of speciality papers, including for thermal paper, carbonless copy paper, digital imaging, labels, release liner, barrier application and masking tape saturation.

Coating of speciality paper adds additional properties to the base paper, which are essential for a high quality finish. For technical papers, mechanical properties, repellent and/or absorptive properties are enhanced to meet end-use demands; a smooth surface with well-defined porosity and specific ink receptivity is created for conventional and digital printing.

With decades of experience and an extensive polymer portfolio, we can customise coating and paper properties to fit the precise technical requirements of your speciality paper type. Our experts support you with in-depth knowledge of the development and application of styrene butadiene (XSBR) and acrylic (SA) binder technologies for the paper and packaging industry.

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