Our governance framework is designed to help us stay focused on our purpose, values and strategy. It helps us on monitor performance and ensure sound governance, including appropriate controls and balanced risk assessment.

The Board sees sustainability as an essential part of our strategy and has, therefore, chosen to directly oversee our progress, rather than establish a separate Committee. It also sends an important message to our business that the Board takes our progress against our sustainability strategy, Vision 2030 targets and our 2050 net zero pledge seriously.

The Board is also responsible for reviewing the channels that are available for the workforce to raise concerns in confidence (also known as whistleblowing) and for reviewing reports of concerns raised and the actions taken to address those concerns.

Our Executive Sustainability Steering Committee is chaired by our CEO, meets quarterly and is attended by the full Executive Committee. It oversees our overall sustainability agenda and progress on each of our Vision 2030 goals. Each goal is sponsored by an Executive Committee member, who is responsible for making sure we have the right plans in place to deliver it within the timeframe.

Our Sustainability Delivery Team supports this committee, and consists of key business managers who own and deliver the plans for each Vision 2030 goal and other relevant sustainability topics.

Our Executive Risk Committee is chaired by our CFO and ensures a robust process for identifying, prioritising, managing and controlling significant risks affecting the Group. It is attended by the full Executive Committee and VP for ESG.