Waterborne pressure-sensitive adhesives for the toughest packaging applications

  • Low noise
  • Excellent runnability for improved productivity
  • Excellent adhesion onto cardboard for secure box closing
  • APEO-free, formaldehyde-free and ammonia-free.

Environmentally-friendly, waterborne, pressure sensitive adhesives for packaging tape. These products deliver reliable, secure performance in both general and low-noise tape applications. They exhibit low foaming, good wetting on low surface energy carriers such as BOPP, and excellent runnability at high coating speeds.

Based on sustainable formulations which are free from APEO, formaldehyde and ammonia, they will help your products meet ever-more stringent regulatory demands. And our high-solids, water-based PSAs provide improved drying and film-forming properties, contributing to lower transportation costs, and helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your products.


PLEXTOL A 2051 an aqueous acrylic emulsion.

Tacolyn™ 3400 Resin DispersionTackifier DispersionTacolyn™ 3400 resin ester dispersion is an aqueous, 55% solids, solvent-free, anionic rosin ester dispersion prepared from a highly hydrogenated, high softening point resin. It is recommended for use in food packaging applications such as closures, lidding, and cold seal adhesives, as well as pressure sensitive adhesives that contact food. Tacolyn™ 3400 is also used in adhesives applications requiring higher temperature strength such as in high temperature masking tapes, packaging tapes, and contact adhesives.
  • APE-free
  • Direct food contact FDA clearances
  • Excellent thermal and UV stability
  • Good moisture resistance
  • Promotes high temperature performance
Tacolyn™ 5085 Resin DispersionTackifier DispersionTacolyn™ 5085 resin dispersion is an aqueous, 55% solids, solvent-free anionic hydrocarbon dispersion prepared from a low molecular weight, aliphatic C5 hydrocarbon resin. It is recommended as a tackifier for isoprene rubber and natural rubber latex polymers used in tape applications. Tacolyn™ 5085 is a good reinforcing agent that maintains excellent peel control when used in pressure sensitive tapes.
  • Good reinforcing agent that maintains excellent peel control
  • Resistance to acids and alkalies

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