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Manufacturers of concrete, stucco, and mortar trust DRESINATE™ rosin soap for its air entrainment characteristics, hydration control and improved workability. DRESINATE TX is processed into a dry powder for easier handling, storage, and shipping, and provides contractors and property owners with materials that deliver a longer setting time and improved freeze-thaw resistance.

DRESINATE™ rosin soap has broader applications too. It can be used as an emulsifier and dispersant for asphalt, oils, and pigments; as highly built alkaline metal cleaners and industrial cleaners; as conditioners for sulphur dust; and as stabilisers for synthetic rubbers produced via emulsion polymerization.

Dresinate™ TX-60W Rosin SoapRosin Resin

Dresinate™ TX-60W Rosin Soap is a 60% solids, aqueous solution of a fully saponified sodium soap of tall oil. It is designed mainly as the soap emulsifier in the manufacture of road surfacing asphalt anionic emulsions of the RS and MS types.

  • High Solids
  • Uniformity
  • Dilutibility
  • Emulsifier Effectiveness

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