Experts in high-performance, low-impact stickiness

Key Features
  • Unique bonding and dispersion qualities
  • Customisable for different temperature response
  • Unique formulations for your specific needs

Our adhesives business has world-leading expertise in advanced tapes, labels, packaging, sealants and glues. We can offer or develop solutions to meet your specific challenges so your products can thrive.

In short, our products bond, modify and compatibilise adhesives and materials. Our polymers and tackifiers are key ingredients in adhesive formulations, and the ability to alter viscosity can make a part tougher or stiffer or process more easily, depending on the temperature. And by combining the unique polarity and small size of our molecules, our formulations can help bond different surfaces, disperse and homogenise ingredients.

Our products can also help you achieve your ESG targets through process optimisation, carbon footprint reduction, containing minimal harmful components, and with all the necessary regulatory approvals.

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