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We produce a wide range of products for use in food and beverages. As such, we’ve achieved compliance with multiple sections of the United States Code of Federal Regulations administered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for various applications involving food contact, coatings, adhesives, and packaging materials.

The main applications for our food additive products are for modifying chewing gum and weighting or clouding of beverage flavourants. Synthomer rosin esters are long-established and proven in the food industry. They are based on gum rosin harvested from live pine trees and glycerol derived from vegetable sources, methanol, or pentaerythritol.

Our ester gum products are refined through esterification to remove volatile components that might compromise formulation flavour and odour yields. We also hydrogenate the gums to reduce resin colour, decrease its flavour and odour in the product, and increases resistance to oxidative degradation.

With a softening point that ranges from 81°C to 108°C, our products are suitable for classification as a “D grade” for chewing gum modifier or as a “WA-grade” beverage weighting or clouding agent.

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