Clean, safe and widely serviceable

Our range of AERAFINTM polymers combine excellent peel strength, processability, low odour and colour.  These polymers enable you to formulate hot melt adhesives with a broad operating window, and compatibility with advanced HMA applicators. They can also spray at lower temperatures on a broad range of substrates.

AERAFINTM polyolefin polymers are compatible with many tackifying resins, which opens up many formulation options. Higher polymer loading, lower tackifier loading, excellent thermal stability and compatibility with hydrocarbon resins make them even more versatile.

In addition, our new REGALITETM UltraPure hydrocarbon tackifying resins deliver on demand for clean and safe chemicals, being low odour, low VOC and low in trace chemicals without sacrificing performance.  These are made from mixed aromatic and aliphatic resins that are hydrogenated to produce a wide range of materials with low colour, high stability and broad compatibility.

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