When minutes matter, trust Synthomer intumescent coatings

Key features:
  • Water-based binders for environmentally-friendly intumescent coatings and sealants
  • Solvent-borne binders for more stringent durability requirements
  • Fire protection capabilities meeting Z1, Z2, Y and X class requirements
  • Ensure excellent foam development and stabilisation
  • Custom-made for different levels of protection, from 30 to 120 minutes
  • Good water resistance
  • Smoke suppression and reduction of flame spread.

We are the world’s leading supplier of dispersions for water-based and solvent-borne thin-film intumescent coatings. Architects, engineers and builders trust our material technologies to provide unmatched passive fire protection to structural steel and metals, guarding many of the world’s iconic multistorey structures.

Synthomer EMULTEX FRTM and PLIOLITETM innovations push the boundaries of high-performance. Our systems can increase fire protection time by up to 120 minutes for interior, semi-exposed, and exposed applications.

Advanced flame retardants from Synthomer speciality inorganic chemicals company William Blythe reduce fire spread and smoke evolution.


EMULTEX FR 728 is a specially colloid stabilised vinyl acetate - vinyl versatate copolymer dispersion developed for formulation of water-borne intumescent coatings. EMULTEX FR 728 provides a quick char formation with high expansion factor.

EMULTEX FR 728 is designed for intumescent coatings for fire protection up to R60.


EMULTEX FR 797 is a specially colloid stabilised and vinyl acetate - vinyl versatate copolymer dispersion developed for formulation of waterborne intumescent coatings. EMULTEX FR 797 provides a slow char formation with medium expansion factor

EMULTEX FR 797 is recommended for intumescent coatings with fire protection up to 120min. 


Pliolite AC80, often used in combination with Pliolite AC4 or Pliolite AC5G,  forms though abrasion and chemically resistant films that have excellent adhesion, UV resistance and exterior weathering properties.

Newtonian resin for exterior masonry coatings, anticarbonation, metal protective and intumescent coatings.


Pliolite AC90 styrene-acrylate copolymer provides excellent water resistence and durability. Its melt rheology and synergy with other intumescent raw materials delivers outstanding char consistency and fire resistance.

Newtonian resin for high performance intumescent coatings.


Pliolite VTAC-L is a highly soluble, vinyl toluene-acrylate copolymer that forms tough, durable films with excellent adhesion to concrete and steel, with very good water and chemical resistance.

Newtonian resin soluble in mineral spirits, for formulation of flat or textured masonry coatings, alkali resistant primers, anticorrosion paints and intumescent coatings.


Plioway EC1 is a substituted styrene-acrylate copolymer soluble in low odour, dearomatized aliphatic solvents. It provides excellent adhesion on a wide variety of substrates, as well as outstanding stain blocking properties.

Newtonian resin for low odour, stain blocking primers, waterproofing sealers, correction fluids and intumescent coatings. 

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