A strong bond for wood

Our AERAFINTM amorphous polyolefins are designed to improve polyurethane-based hot melts for wood working.  They significantly improve green strength and are compatible with polyols, with minimal impact on softening point and viscosity.

There are two branches to the AERAFINTM family. Firstly, APO in HMPUR adhesives improve the green strength of PUR and offer tunable open and set times by using different dosages. They also adhere better to PVC, making them suitable for even broader applications, and can help lower costs by delivering green strength and set times at lower dosages.

Secondly, our APO-based adhesives strike a good balance between open and set times, have excellent thermal stability, good water resistance and low odour. They are easy to apply and adhere well to LSE substrates, even in low temperatures.

Aerafin™ 35 PolymerAmorphous PolyolefinAerafin™ 35 polymer is a propylene-ethylene based amorphous polyolefin polymer with exceptional balance of tensile strength and elongation. It is designed for improved performance in hot melt adhesives for a variety of applications including adhesives for durable assembly, and building and construction, among others. It provides exceptional thermal stability and sprayability allowing formulation of adhesives with improved cohesion. Aerafin 35 is compatible with a wide range of hydrocarbon tackifying resins and enables spraying or slot application at a broad range of temperatures and operating conditions.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of hydrocarbon tackifying resins
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Good adhesion with excellent peel strength
  • In formulation, enables a robust adhesive system with a broad processing window and sprayability
  • Low color and odor
  • Reliable global supply

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