Binders for superior low-emissions and serious performance

Key features:
  • Wide range of acrylic and vinyl copolymer dispersions for precise requirements
  • Requiring less TiO2 for excellent hiding (EN 13300 class 1 and 2) to lower formula costs
  • High scrub resistance for easy cleaning and excellent appearance
  • APEO-free for more environmentally-friendly paints
  • Low-odour and low-VOC for a healthy and attractive indoor environment
  • High durability means your customers will appreciate the quality of your paints
  • Formulate products compliant with Blue Angel regulations.

For indoor and outdoor applications, Synthomer sets the standard of performance. Our extensive range of water-based and solvent-borne architectural resins are used in the formulation of primers, paints and coatings that protect architectural surfaces and enhance their appearance.

Synthomer binders meet increasingly demanding environmental standards without compromising on application properties or durability.

Our acrylic and vinyl copolymer dispersions are low-VOC, low-odour and APEO-free. They also deliver outstanding pigment-binding capability, and enable you to create highly filled, cost-efficient formulations that require less TiO2 to achieve excellent hiding.

PLEXTOLTM brand products are our pure acrylic and semi-modified dispersions for coalescent-free wall paints; REVACRYLTM is low-odour styrene acrylate for cost-efficient paints; EMULTEXTM is multipurpose vinyl acetate copolymer; PLIOLAKTM and REVERSOLTM are solvent-based alkyd resins.

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