Independent certification of our sustainability performance validates our progress, and helps us find ways to go even further.

We engage with multiple independent bodies who assess our performance and benchmark our progress against our peers. This process also helps us identify areas where we can improve our policies and performance.

Our performance is assessed externally by the following Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) rating agencies.

We have reported our climate change performance to CDP since 2013 and water management performance since 2015.

In 2023, our climate score was upgraded from B to A-, which puts us in the top quartile of chemical companies. Our water score was C and our Forests score was B.

Scale: D to A (maximum)

In 2023, we scored 62 and retained our silver status.

We also use the platform to understand the sustainability rating of existing and future suppliers.

Scale: 0-100, medals, bronze to platinum

We have been a member of FTSE4Good since 2004. In 2023, our overall score was 3.6.

FTSE4Good – scale 0 to 5

In 2023, we maintained our AA rating.

We are in the top quartile for the Specialty Chemicals sector.

In 2023, we scored 52/100 against the industry average of 28/100.

Our 2023 score was C.

This score continues to place us well above average in our peer group. Maximum score for our industry sector was B.

In 2023, we improved our score to 27.3, reducing our risk rating to ‘medium’.

The industry average risk rating is ‘high’

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