Safety, health and the environment

Synthomer manufactures speciality chemicals using large-scale, complex manufacturing processes, consuming hazardous raw materials. As a result, we adhere to the highest safety, health and environmental standards across the business.

Synthomer’s Board, Chief Executive and Executive Committee are fully committed to continuous improvement in SHE performance. Effective leadership to deliver SHE performance is a primary duty and expectation of management at all levels in the Group. All employees are encouraged to participate in SHE programmes aligned to Synthomer’s three long-term SHE goals:

  • To minimise any environmental burden created by our activities;
  • To have no accidents or incidents; and
  • To have no adverse impact on the health of those who work in, or live near our operations, or on the health of those who use our products.
Our approach

Synthomer has introduced SHE Principles and 10 Golden Rules across all sites to directly target and improve the safe operation of our plants.

Our Safety, Health and Environment principles have been launched across all sites. The principles are:

  • Look after yourself
  • Look after each other
  • Effective last line of defence
  • Stop and think
  • Safe workplace
  • Safe vehicle, safe driver
  • Safe processes and operations
  • Safe systems of work
  • No change without assessment
  • Learning from our mistakes

Synthomer’s 10 Golden Rules consolidate some basic best practice guidance for all employees:

  1. Do not access working areas without the required general and/or task-specific PPE
  2. Only carry out routine tasks for which you are trained and authorised, and use the specified tools and equipment for the job.
  3. On stairs and steps – take one at a time, using handrails where present.
  4. Only drive vehicles for which you are authorised, and follow all signs and rules.
  5. Do not by-pass safety devices or interlocks without prior authorisation.
  6. When a work permit is required, ensure it is valid and complete, and do not deviate from its requirements.
  7. Lock out and tag out all energy sources before working on equipment.
  8. On tankers and other vehicles, ensure the fall protection and/or handrail system is in place before accessing the top.
  9. Do not make any change, or carry out any non-routine work without following an accepted system with an appropriate assessment and authorisation.
  10. Immediately report injuries, incidents and near misses to your line manager.

As a member of the Chemical Industries Association and American Chemistry Council, Synthomer embraces the principles of Responsible Care, the chemical industry’s commitment to continual improvement health, occupational, process and product safety and environmental performance. We manage all aspects of our activities so that we provide high levels of protection for employees, customers, the public and other stakeholders, and for the environment.