Synthomer unveils the new Litex QuickShield™ 1545 – state-of-the art binder for highest demands in glass fibre mesh coating

London, 02.07.2018

Synthomer introduces the new Litex QuickShield™ 1545, a carboxylated SBR binder with a self-crosslinking formula for protecting glass fibre mesh. It boasts a significantly faster curing process and excellent alkali resistance that fully complies with the ETAG 004 norm. Thanks to its state-of-the art formula free of formaldehyde-separating crosslinkers, Litex QuickShield™ 1545 represents a future-proof fibre mesh coating for the increasingly challenging environmental demands in the industry.

With Litex QuickShield™ 1545, Synthomer consequently expands its product range of binders for the application on technical textiles. For more information, refer to our application bulletin below. Also, contact and talk to one of our technical experts about how our polymer binders can help to elevate the performance of your products.

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