New Study on Next Generation Alcotex® PVOH Secondary Suspending Agent

London, 08.06.2020

Throughout the globe, PVC resin manufacturers are increasingly challenged for higher productivity and product quality against a backdrop of tighter regulatory legislation and all at lower cost.

Historically, low hydrolysis poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVOH) secondary suspending agents have been used to overcome some of these challenges. However, due to increased performance demand these have broadly reached their limitations.

In order to address these needs, Synthomer have developed a new generation of modified Alcotex® secondary suspending agents which can deliver improved performance as an aqueous based system.

Key deliverables as a result of this new development include:

             Improved resin porosity to achieve the required residual VCM levels

             Improved plasticiser uptake and/or compatibility with phthalate free plasticisers

             Reduction of energy costs, particularly through the stripping and drying process

             Reduction of organic materials in the waste-stream and overall COD burden


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