New Litex™ Grades for Polyester Roofing: Technology Behind Discussed at International Nonwoven Symposium

London, 16.07.2019

Attendants of this year’s International Nonwoven Symposium in Vienna had the opportunity to learn more about the technology behind Synthomer’s formaldehyde-free polymer dispersion for the coating of nonwovens. On June 13, Dr. Soeren Butz, global head of technical service textile, held a technical presentation at the EDANA conference and explained the principles of the new technology.

Formaldehyde is classified as “probable human carcinogen”, with the EU having further tightened its classification on 1 April, 2015. In his talk, Dr. Butz discussed at what point formaldehyde is emitted during conventional crosslinking, which methods help detect it and how Synthomer arrived at its breakthrough formaldehyde-free formula. The second part of the presentation focused on the coating of polyester roofing felt and how Synthomer’s new formaldehyde-free Litex™ range excels during this application.

Learn more about Synthomer’s new formaldehyde-free Litex™ range and reach out to our technical service textile here: Get in touch with our Textile Technical Service.

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