Industry magazine Adhesion features Synthomer’s development of waterborne technology for label and packaging industry

London, 07.02.2019

In issue 4/2018 of Adhesion, the industry magazine illuminated Synthomer’s research and development in waterbased pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) for the label and packaging industry.

Synthomer has been developing and researching technologies along the challenging demands of the label industry for several years now. Ever-stricter environmental regulations have spurred the search for eco-friendly, yet high performing products in the label and packaging industry. In the article, technical service manager Olga Bernatova explains how Synthomer engineers polymers with an intricate adhesion-cohesion balance for excellent removability or incorporates surfactants into the polymer backbone to ensure that practically invisible labels remain transparent even when submerged under water for many hours.

With the increasing need for more sustainable products, the need for waterborne PSAs to replace conventional solvent borne adhesives will increase in future; Synthomer is continuously investing in fulfilling these evolving demands.

You may find the full article from Adhesion as PDF below.

About Synthomer:
Synthomer develops and markets polymers used in a wide range of industries to create and enhance everyday consumer products. It holds leading positions in their chosen markets and have a proven record to generate added value to its customers through in-depth application know-how and strong R&D support.

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