Synthomer presents its emulsion acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives for specialty applications at Munich Adhesives & Finishing Symposium

London, 07.11.2018

At the 43rd Munich Adhesives & Finishing Symposium (MKVS), technologists and technical sales representatives from industry and science the globe gathered to debate on development trends, new raw materials, and important applications in the field of adhesives. On the occasion of this year’s main focus on pressure sensitive adhesives, Synthomer gave an insight into Synthomer’s proficiency on water-borne pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) for high-performance applications.

Dr. Katja Greiner’s technical presentation detailed how Synthomer enhances special functional monomers with intricate modification to achieve exceptional adhesion and cohesion formerly only known from industry-leading tapes with UV acrylic syrup technology. With a look behind the technology of our renowned Plextol grades, Synthomer successfully placed products like the new Plextol Prime™ 7525 or Plextol A 4278 at the center of attention for specialty applications such as construction and insulation tape.

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