Synthomer discusses high performance RDP technology for 1k waterproofing cementitious materials

London, 17.10.2018

On October 4th, industry professionals and scientists gathered in Istanbul, Turkey to share current trends in the drymix mortar industry during the Sixth Central & South European Drymix Mortar Conference. From Synthomer, Dr. Charles Bobichon was invited for a technical presentation of a new development study on redispersible polymer (RDP) powder for one-component waterproofing application.

In recent years, the market has been actively searching for a one-component waterproofing system as a replacement to the more conventional two-component system, thanks to its increased ease of handling and less waste during usage. Based on an innovative redispersing system with styrene acrylic chemistry, Synthomer’s novel RDP technology is targeted at achieving excellent redispersibility in water and at attaining a performance that passes the challenging benchmarks of the DIN standard EN 14891.

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