Synthomer discusses new Litex QuickShield™ 1545 for formaldehyde-free coating of glass fibre in industry magazine Technical Textile

London, 17.09.2018

With the recent formaldehyde re-classification, the technical textile industry is actively looking for a formaldehyde-free aqueous polymer system to prepare themselves for the foreseeable tightening regulations. Thanks to our new novel polymer technology, the newly launched Litex QuickShield™ 1545 combines a formaldehyde-free formulation with a performance ahead of the previous industry benchmark Litex S 10656. In issue 3/2018 of Technical Textiles, Dr. Michael Karnop and Dr. Alexandra Abele detail the benefits of Synthomer’s recent development.

Litex QuickShield™ 1545 fulfills the strict ETAG 004 and DIN EN 13496 norms, and guarantees the reliable chemical resistance of the glass fibre embedded within a mortar system. Litex QuickShield™ 1545 also potentially provides manufacturers with substantial gains in efficiency, up to 20% lower curing temperature compared to the current market standards and a higher line speed as result.

Find out how Synthomer is leading in the development of low emission glass fibre coatings and access the full PDF article below.



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