Lithene® Liquid Polybutadiene paper published in European Coatings Journal

London, 21.12.2017

A technical paper describing the benefits of Lithene® Liquid Polybutadienes in solvent based coatings, has been published in the December 2017 issue of the European Coatings Journal. The work was originally presented at the 2017 European Coatings Show technical conference in Nuremberg, Germany, but is now available to a wider audience through the Journal.

‘Solving a Volatile Problem’ describes how Synthomer’s Lithene® polymers can be used in solvent based alkyd coatings to reduce the amount of volatile diluting solvent while also bringing important performance benefits. Improved drying and better wood penetration were two of the key properties that could be enhanced by economical additions of these versatile, reactive liquid polymers.

Senior Lithene® chemist and principle author of the research, Anne-Sophie Hesry, explains “We have long believed that Lithene® liquid polybutadienes have important potential in specialised coating systems. This work has confirmed our theories and paves the way for further developments and new formulation strategies for our customers”

The European Coatings Journal, is the key forum for technical innovation in the field of coatings. The full article by Anne-Sophie Hesry, Stacey Syron and Malcolm McInnes, can be read here….


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