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    Alcotex® – Polyvinyl Alcohols for better PVC manufacture

    Over the last 50 years our polyvinyl alcohols have been strongly related to our very successful Alcotex brand name. Alcotex polyvinyl alcohols have been specially developed for use as suspending agents for vinyl chloride suspension polymerisation to make PVC with a wide range of porosities and bulk densities. They meet the needs of PVC manufacturers that require good grain size control at cost effective concentrations. Our Alcotex PVOH suspending agents are an integral part of the PVC suspension recipe and their technical performance is essential in achieving the required polymerisation characteristics.

    Our unique process for polymerisation and hydrolysis imparts key characteristics to the polyvinyl alcohol giving a robust, universal product for many PVC technologies and PVC resin types. Alcotex primary suspending agents provide PVC manufacturers with many benefits for their production processes as they support higher plant output and lower operating cost, providing low polymer build-up in the reactor, reduced down-time for cleaning and homogeneous porosity of the PVC grains facilitating easier free monomer removal. The homogeneous porosity also improves plasticiser absorption properties and can be adjusted to give fast dry-up times and a low “fish-eye” count, reducing the reject level in critical applications.

    Alcotex secondary suspending agents can be either aqueous or solvent based solutions of low hydrolysis polyvinyl alcohols. They have been developed by Synthomer Ltd as porosity enhancement agents for PVC suspension polymerisation. The aqueous based products have low residual methanol contents. Alcotex secondary suspending agents can be used in conjunction with all conventional primary suspending agents, whether cellulose ethers or polyvinyl alcohols.

    Our 50 years of experience in PVC suspension polymerisation in combination with the strong track record of our Alcotex brand on quality, consistency and technical performance provide PVC manufacturers from all over the world with a real value adding package including unique technical service and R&D support through a team of specialist chemists and a state of the art PVC pilot plant.

    Lithene - Liquid Polybutadienes for High Strength Sealants and Binders.

    Synthomer’s Lithene products are a range of 100% active, highly unsaturated liquid polybutadienes available in a variety of molecular weights and micro-structures. These stereo specific structures contain different amounts of pendant 1,2 vinyl groups in addition to 1,4 unsaturation.
    Lithene polybutadienes are highly reactive, have excellent low temperature flexibility, are hydrophobic with good electrical resistance and are very compatible with many solid or liquid rubbers and hydrocarbon solvents. Lithene products are used in a variety of ambient, UV and heat curable applications.
    Additionally, Synthomer produces Lithene polybutadienes which have been functionalised by the grafting of maleic anhydride on to the polymer backbone to create succinic anhydride groups. These reactive groups impart improved adhesion to polar surfaces or make cross-linking reactions with amines and polyols possible.

    Typical industrial applications for Lithene products include sulphur cured flexible sealants and adhesion promotors for the automotive industry, sulphur or peroxide curable co-agents in rubber and TPE’s; electrical potting resins; reactive plasticisers; and hydrophobic surface active additives.

    Our M Grades will Upgrade your Adhesives and Polyester Composites.

    M Grade products are a range of polyvinyl acetate homopolymer and acid copolymer solids. They are complemented by vinyl acetate copolymer solvent solutions and specialised polyvinyl alcohols. M Grade solid polymers are thermoplastic and are produced in a range of molecular weights to give the formulator a choice of processing and application performance.

    The M Grade homopolymers find application in a wide range of solvent based adhesives including hobby glues, parquet floor and laminating types. In polyester composites the M Grades provide effective shrink control and low profile effect during moulding and curing. PVAc/acid copolymers are available specifically to provide low profile properties and help to thicken maturing SMC.  
    In solvent solution form, M Grade polymers can be used to formulate penetrating primers for binding and sealing surfaces or for paper and fabric saturation. For reprographic coatings and diazo systems, Alcotex low hydrolysis polyvinyl alcohols can be used as part of the water sensitive coating formulation.

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