Alcotex PVOH

Unique polyvinyl alcohol suspending agents for PVC manufacture

Synthomer’s Alcotex polyvinyl alcohols have been specially developed for use as suspending agents for vinyl chloride suspension polymerisation in the manufacture of PVC. Alcotex products allow you to produce PVC with a wide range of porosities and bulk densities, and provide you with excellent grain size control at cost-effective concentrations. As a result of their long track record of success, Alcotex products have become a critical component of PVC suspension recipes, with the performance to help you achieve your required polymerisation characteristics. Our unique process for polymerisation and hydrolysis imparts key characteristics to the polyvinyl alcohol, giving a robust, universal product for many PVC technologies and PVC resin types. 

Boost your PVC production output while reducing costs

Alcotex primary and secondary suspending agents provide you with many benefits for your PVC production process, achieving desired resin characteristics at cost effective concentrations. They help you achieve higher plant output and lower operating costs, providing low polymer build-up in the reactor, reduced down-time for cleaning, and homogeneous porosity of the PVC grains, enabling easier free monomer removal. The homogeneous porosity also improves plasticiser absorption properties and can be adjusted to give fast dry-up times and a low “fish-eye” count, reducing the reject level in critical applications.

  • High efficiency.
  • High compatibility.
  • High plant output.
  • Low fish-eye count.
  • Low reactor fouling.
  • Low residual monomer

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Discover how Synthomer’s Alcotex products can help improve your PVC manufacturing

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