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  • Industrial and Fabric Supported Gloves

    Our products for industrial gloves make work safer. Resistance to chemicals and excellent mechanical resistance to abrasion and puncture make our products exceptional. Dedicated products are tailored for unlined-, lined- and fabric-supported glove and take into consideration important processing features like high flock adhesion, efficient fibre coating or low latex permeation. Our high performance products allow maximum protection and combine outstanding product features with intelligent processing solutions. We play it safe for your success.

    Medical and Examination Gloves

    Our products are designed to meet the highest requirements, providing high flexibility and comfort as well as a high barrier protection. By being a specialist for Nitrile (NBR) - and Polychloroprene (CR) latices as well as for prevulcanised Natural Latex (PV NR) we can offer versatile choices to fulfil your customer’s needs. Our products are characterised by high tensile strength, good elongation and relaxation as well as low moduli and are tailored for the specific needs of medical, examination, clean room, food handling, chemotherapy drug handling or chemical laboratory applications. Special products are provided for ultrathin glove applications to give maximum sensitivity and lower raw material usage. Our technology platform makes us the leaders for accelerator- and sulphur-free glove production, simplifying glove production and providing a cleaner way of protection. We care about your safety.

    Medical Devices and Condoms and Balloons

    Rapid product-development and high demands for functional safety determine the production processes for medical devices. In this sector, our dispersions are versatile products for different high quality applications, be it catheters, respiratory bellows, medical seat cushions, condoms or balloons.
    Depending on performance profile and market demand, we can offer Synthetic Latex (CR, NBR) or Natural Latex (NR) tailored as pre-vulcanised natural latex according to your needs.
    For all these applications, the high flexibility of the dipping process is essential as it allows the creation of the most diverse shapes. And there are many more product-related advantages: a balloon made of Lipren T, has much lower gas permeation, so stays in shape for much longer. Furthermore, the product’s ozone resistance makes these balloons perfect for high-tech purposes, thus making it the preferred material for meteorological balloons.
    Whatever your need we will support you in developing successful products and by offering individual solutions.

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