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  • Our functional polymers provide the necessary binding properties for the industrial segments of Adhesives, Technical Textiles and Fibre Bonding. Synthomer offers a broad portfolio of aqueous acrylic, butadiene and vinyl acetate based polymer dispersions, specifically designed to fit our customers’ needs in the following industrial segments.

    PSA Specialities

    A broad portfolio of pure acrylic dispersions enables our customers to formulate adhesives for highly demanding products such as protective foils from high-adhesion to easy-peel solutions to form crystal clear films which show no staining or ghosting. Other applications are construction tapes with excellent adhesion, even to low energy surfaces providing optimum water resistance at the same time. Or they provide a perfectly transparent film on filmic labels, ensuring water resistance (no whitening) as well as plasticiser resistance.

    PSA Labels

    Our range of grades offers optimum performance for label applications, either used as a base dispersion for our customer’s own formulating or as coater-ready products, e.g. modified with tackifier resins.
    For general purpose, permanent, removable and repositionable labels as well as for deep-freeze or chilled/wet applications we offer food contact compliant dispersions with state-of-the-art performance.

    Packaging Tapes

    We offer adhesive dispersions for all packaging tape applications from noisy to no-noise, all with excellent runnability on high-speed coaters and achieving optimum optical appearance of the adhesive film.


    Our wide portfolio of binders offers solutions for nearly all abrasive textiles, made from cotton, polyester or mixed fabrics. Regardless if soft or firm grip, our impregnations, coatings and backings provide superior performance in water and solvent resistance and perfect adhesion-promotion for the resins fixing the abrasive grains.

    Textile Pigment Printing

    In this segment our binders based on XSBR, acrylic and vinyl acetate technology provide important properties to our customers starting materials for APEO-free and Oekotex 100 complying printing paste formulations, supporting a soft feel, excellent fastness performance in washing and dry cleaning, very good rub resistance high colour yield and very good print definition.

    Can Sealants

    For can sealant purposes Synthomer has HS-SBR grades for food packaging applications. They comply with the latest FDA and BfR regulations and enable our customers to formulate low-odour sealants wit superb adhesion properties on metal surfaces.

    EIFS Glass Fibre Textiles

    Synthomer offers a styrene butadiene based grade range for finishing of glass fibre fabrics and scrims, mainly intended for plaster reinforcement applications (EIFS, WDVS). Providing the required bonding strength and alkali resistance (e.g. according to DIN 13496, ETAG 004) our range offers tailor-made products for the required textile stiffness/flexibility with outstanding coater runnability and lowest blocking tendency.

    Cord Impregnation

    Our dispersions contribute to automobile driving safety as binders for reinforcing materials for car tyres, which is similar to their use in conveyor belts.
    Vinylpyridine and SBR latices provide in RFL-Dip formulations excellent adhesion between textiles and rubber, they increase dimensional stability and robustness of tyres, hoses and conveyor belts.

    Nonwovens Finishing / Roofing Carrier

    Our range of speciality XSBR, XNBR and acrylic polymer dispersions offers high-quality solutions for nonwovens and technical textiles finishing and coating. In particular our formaldehyde-free grades for hygiene wipes and our heat sensitisable XNBR for foam coated wipes and split nonwovens are regarded as benchmarks in the respective segments. For bitumen roofing carrier nonwovens, our XSBR grades combine excellent runnability with the high thermo-dimensional stability required for hot bitumen application.

    Leather Finishing

    For split leather applications, Synthomer XNBR dispersions are recommended for the pre-coating and provide excellent coverage and fullness, along with very good embossing and flexing properties. For pre- and intermediate coatings, our acrylic dispersions offer excellent heat and light stability in combination with excellent flexing fastness and good embossing performance.

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