Tire cord impregnation

Synthomer’s polymer dispersions deliver high performance cord dipping with outstanding runnability

Vinylpyrdine-latex is an essential ingredient in dips for cord impregnation in both fabric and single-end cord manufacturing. Synthomer’s vinylpyrdine-based products allow you to prepare high performance dips for your impregnation lines that possess a long pot-life and outstanding running characteristics. These products are ideal for Nylon and PES-fibre textiles. To cater for all your cord coating requirements, Synthomer’s product portfolio also includes high-solid latex Litex S and chloroprene Lipren.

  • High compatibility with resorcinol resin components.
  • Allows fast curing and very low deposits at high-coat line-speeds.
  • Long pot-life.
  • Ideal for Nylon and PES-fibre textiles.

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Recommended Products

Group Tradename Chemistry Description
LIPREN LIPREN MKB CR LIPREN MKB is an aqueous, colloidal dispersion of a polymer of 2-chlorobutadiene (1,3). Its vulcanizates have a slight to medium crystallization tendency. LIPREN MKB is mainly used as a binder for fibres of all types.

Discover how Synthomer’s coatings can help improve your cord dipping operations

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