Drilling Fluid Additives

Optimize and enhance drilling fluid performance in the most challenging operations, including high temperature, deepwater, extended reach, and high efficiency applications

Synthomer’s high performance drilling fluid additives have earned a strong reputation with nearly two decades of delivering customized solutions to service providers to address a broad range of drilling conditions. Our portfolio focuses on maintaining and enhancing wellbore stability across the landscape of high temperature, high pressure complex wells.

Discover how Synthomer’s products can improve your drilling fluid system

Synthomer’s range of high-performance additives includes


The Styrene Acrylic-based chemistry of the PEXOTROL line provides fluid loss control in oil-based drilling fluid systems.  The PEXOTROL line is based on small particles that swell and soften under temperature and pressure.  We offer a number of grades appropriate for a wide range of base fluids and temperatures.  The soft deformable particles plug microfractures and seal the filter cake on the wellbore preventing the loss of filtrate into the formation.


Key Advantages

  • Provides tight fluid loss control at low concentrations
  • Produces deformable soft colloidal micro-gel particles in organic fluids
  • Has been shown, both in laboratory testing and in the field, to not damage the formation
  • Contributes to low shear viscosity (even at high temperatures), reinforcing the suspension properties of the fluid
  • Safe for marine life when used as intended


The Styrene Butadiene-based chemistry of the PEXOSEAL line provides fluid loss control and wellbore stability for water-based drilling fluids.  The unique chemistry provides performance in both fresh and salt-water fluids in high application temperatures. It plugs pores in the filter cake to provide fluid loss control and seals microfractures in the formation to improve overall wellbore stability.


Key Advantages

  • Organic deformable and compressible colloidal micro-particles for improving wellbore stability resulting in reduced non-productive time,
  • High tolerance to salts and multivalent ions
  • Plugs pores to reduce permeability of filter cake
  • Sealing additive for wellbore stability and can act as a fluid loss control additive
  • Over time the emulsion can form a film in the filter cake at high temperatures, strengthening the wellbore


PEXOVIS 553 polymeric viscosifier for oil and synthetic based drilling fluids offers an engineered rheological profile to provide low equivalent circulating densities (ECDs) at low concentrations with greater suspension properties and excellent hole cleaning. Suitable for use in drilling fluids at bottomhole temperatures up to 500 °F (260°C).


Key Advantages

  • Engineered rheological profile with low concentrations to provide low ECDs with greater suspension properties and excellent hole cleaning
  • Increases low-shear-rate viscosities (LSRV) and gel strengths for improved hole cleaning in deviated wells
  • Solids free viscosifier allowing higher rates of penetration without the need of weighting agents
  • Real-time response with no wait time for rheology modifiers to yield (i.e., no need for multiple fluid circulations)

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