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  • Walk on secure ground with our latices.

    Synthomer has a long lasting experience in the development, production and application of butadiene based latices. Our XSBR (carboxylated styrene butadiene rubber) and HSSBR (High Solid Styrene Butadiene Rubber) latices are well established for the carpet and moulded foam industries. Besides the pure latices which can be used for carpet backing or the production of moulded foams Synthomer offers ready-to-use compounds for the carpet industry and other additives required in that industry. Our experience to adapt our grades to the settings of machinery and applications requirements are well recognised by the markets.


    The right choice to cover your carpet

    Synthomer offers a broad range of latices and dispersions optimised for textile floorcovering applications. These are sold under the Litex T, Lipolan T and Plextol T trademarks and provide a wide number of alternatives which can be selected according to the particular applications and processes to give the properties our customers need.

    Used for precoat, secondary backing adhesive, back coating of woven carpets, needle felt impregnation, thermo mouldable applications for the automotive industry or elastomeric coatings – Synthomer’s latices offer multiple functionality for the finishing of carpets.

    Defining the right latex for each application, we take into account particular factors such as texture and character of the untreated material as well as desired properties such as elasticity, sound absorbency, dimensional and thermal stability and subsequently comfort and lifetime of the textile floor covering.
    For the more demanding contract market our latices provide additional properties in terms of durability, anti-electrostatic behaviour and fireproofing. Thus they are compatible with fillers, certain flame retardants and antistatic agents.

    Synthomer’s latices can be applied according to numerous different processes - frothed or compact, at a foam-table, with a foulard or with a full bath. To meet the demands for the production of high elastomeric carpets with properties to provide a high degree of mechanical recovery, we supply grades to meet both the specific demand of the final product in use and the applied gelling process during production. Our broad product range also includes latices for further processes, such as the ammonium acetate, the sodium silicoflouride and the non-gel process. Furthermore, they can be used for secondary foam backing or embossed backings.

    Speciality latices are available for flat fabrics and moulded sections for the automotive industry, coatings with drainage nobs, synthetic grass backings, rubber crumb and anti-slip coatings. Synthomer’s carpet latices fulfil the GUT criteria for environmentally friendly polymer dispersions and we will support any of our customers´ efforts to produce their finished materials in a sustainable way.

    This wide range of applications gets supported by an optimum level of technical service from an experienced technical and marketing team, that can carry out individual testing in our own carpet application laboratory or will work with you on site.

    Mattresses and Foam

    High Solid Latices for High Class Business

    Synthomer offers a broad portfolio of HSSBR (High Solids Styrene Butadiene Rubber) latices to produce latex foams for the bedding industry (e.g. mattresses, pillows, toppers) and the cushioning segment (e.g. cushioning sheets, quilting material, shoe insoles). The characteristics of our product portfolio vary depending on the requirement for forming soft to hard foams. Our latices will enable you to produce foams which provide a high point-elasticity and flexibility in accordance with required resilience. Others will provide a defined durability and hardness in combination with low compression sets and sagging.

    All Synthomer’s products from our LIPOLAN F portfolio deliver a perfect foam structure. This fine open-cell structure provides the foam with its perfect properties of breathability and elasticity. There are no manufacturing restrictions as all our latices allow you to produce according to the Dunlop, the Talalay and non-gel-processes. Their mechanical stability and their high level of consistency ensure perfect runability during the foam manufacturing process.

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