Finishing Treatment

Wide range of finishing treatment chemicals for performance and comfort enhancement

OMNOVA produces binders and comfort finishes for synthetic and organic textiles used in a wide range of apparel, including hospital scrubs, athletic wear and business wear. Our binders provide nonwoven garments with tensile strength, resiliency and moisture holdout features. We also offer a wide range of performance and comfort finishes, including durable press resins, softeners and repellents. Our organic and silicone softeners impart a soft hand feel to a wide range of organic and synthetic fabrics and our non-fluoropolymer solutions can be effectively used to impart repellency to water and provide oil resistance, as well as soil release characteristics.

Benefits for your synthetic and organic textiles

  • Wash and wear performance that withstands laundering
  • Comfort finishes provide softness and garment performance
  • Repellent options for effective and durable water resistance
  • Auxiliaries for wetting, foam aides, and lubricants provide exceptional benefits 
  • Durable wicking performance
  • Excellent pigment and print binding 

Recommended Products

Tradename Chemistry Description
MYKON™ HLC OTH Lubricant for nonwovens, textiles, and paper applications.
VELVETOL™ 1471 SatPE Velvetol 1471 is a multifunctional hydrophilic polyester polymer. While polyester fabrics offer a good substrate in terms of tensile strength and anti-crease properties, their hydrophobic nature, poor conductivity making static build up causes discomfort to human body when used as apparel material. Hydrophilic polyester technology has made it possible to finish polyester fabric that is cotton like, transports moisture and is easy to clean. Velvetol 1471 imparts that finish to polyester fabric in both exhaust and pad cure process without sacrificing key properties of the fabric.
Velvetol™ 251C SatPE Velvetol 251C is a multifunctional polyester polymer. It imparts a hydrophilic soft hand finish to polyester fabrics that reduces static charge generation on fabric and garments.
VELVETOL™ HLC OTH Lubricant for nonwovens, textiles, and paper applications.

Discover how Synthomer’s products can help improve your synthetic and organic textiles

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