Waterborne polymers for your textile applications

Synthomer’s waterborne polymers cover a range of end applications across every aspect of the textile industry from non-woven wipes, insulation wraps and filters to medical supplies and automotive panels.

We offer a full range of acrylics, vinyl acrylics and polyester acrylics for yarn sizing applications. These include products for both dry and wet looms with good alkali removability. Our broad spectrum of chemistries allows for good adhesion to a range of different yarns.

We also offer many specialty materials, such as acrylic polymer binders – formaldehyde free and both anionic and non-ionic – and adhesives for flocking applications. We make foamable acrylics for blackout drapery coatings and a full range of hand builders, from soft and pliable to hard and stiff.

Synthomer’s acrylic polymers are also used as solvent resistant surface coatings and print coatings and also as water repellent coatings.

Our acrylic and styrene acrylic polymers for non-wovens include anionic and cationic binders and hand builders with solvent resistance, heat seal capability and many other secondary properties.

Using our high performing emulsion polymers for textile applications offers a broad portfolio for all of the polymer finishing and sizing that you will need. In addition, our custom solutions will ensure that we have a product to meet your needs.

  • Broad portfolio of emulsion polymers for many applications
  • Extensive hand builder range 
  • Full range of sizing polymers.
  • Excellent durability and water resistance for coatings
  • Customized products for your specialized applications.

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Recommended Products

Group Tradename Chemistry Description
PLEXTOL PLEXTOL R 123 PA Plextol R 123 is an acrylic copolymer dispersion

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